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What is fulvic and humic acid? It is chemically active organic matter. It is basically dirt that just happens to contain extremely valuable natural sterols, hormones, fatty acids, polyphenols, ketones, and other phytochemicals.  It is full of beneficial bacteria that finds home in your gut and goes to work. As far as a nutritional supplement, it is a dream come true. Fulvic acid has been found essential to living things carrying on metabolic processes. It cleanses cells and corrects any imbalances. It scavenges for free radicals and either uses them for energy or eliminates them as waste. Humic/fulvic acid fixes so many mineral deficiencies that every single person will feel a difference. This is the kind of substance that should be given at the doctors office, instead of a prescription that could cause more damage! Check out just some of the health benefits with no side effects!


✔️Reduces inflammation

✔️Mineral Chelation (increased absorption, easier transfer of minerals)

✔️Increases oxygen carried by red blood cells

✔️Reduction of stress causing hormones

✔️Prevents cellular mutation during reproduction

✔️Stimulates “good” gut bacteria and suppresses the “bad”

✔️Prevents viral diseases

✔️Protects liver from disease

The list can go on forever! 


This substance have been studied extensively for human and animal consumption. There should be no reason why we all are not taking humic/fulvic acid. It is like having a team of friendly chemicals cleaning and fixing your insides!

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Dr. Jerry Tennant in an Interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola. 


“Well, the substances that are basic to health for both sea creatures and us land-based creatures are humic acids. Humic acids are a large collection of various organic acids that are constantly changing, so it’s very difficult for the biochemists to exactly describe what they are, because they’re always changing. But one of those humic acids is called fulvic acid, F-U-L-V-I- C. When you include fulvic acid, you have every known vitamin, every known mineral, every known amino acid, and all balanced by nature. 


Fulvic acid is a primary control of cell membranes because it’s one of the few substances that can be either plus or minus, as it needs to be. Only hydrogen is the other thing that can do that. The important thing is then that we need that, as all living creatures and things do. 


Fortunately for us, there are some deposits around the world where decaying organic material was wet long enough not to turn into coal. That can be mined as the humic acids. Those are available to us now as a supplement. When we take that, it provides the things we need. Of course, there’s research coming out now that shows not only does it correct mineral deficiencies, but it begins to help with the way our intestinal cells interlock, etc. 


Also, fulvic is a great way to get rid of heavy metals because the fulvic would go inside the cell, grab the metal, pull it out, hand it off to the humic, which then takes it out of the body. Whereas in intravenous (IV) chelation, the chelating materials can only get to extracellular things, because they won’t go inside the cells where almost all the metals reside. “


Dr. Dan N - The truth About Cancer.

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Fulvic and Cancer.

Doctors beyond medicine.

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Fulvic acid promotes extracellular anti-cancer mediators from RAW 264.7 cells, causing to cancer cell death in vitro.

Myers Detox / Wendy Myers.

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